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Legal office

Legal Office specializes in European law, law of human rights and constitutional law.

Wprawdzie świadom jestem istnienia granicy pomiędzy rozwijaniem prawa w drodze wykładni a ustawodawstwem, to nigdy dokładnie nie wiem, gdzie jej szukać.

Lord Goff w Woolwich Building Society v IRC

The scope of the activities of the Legal Office covers:

  • drafting of complex litigation strategies in atypical (test) cases on the European forum (supranational courts and European institutions)
  • consulting in the field of European and constitutional law
  • Professional conduct of test cases before the European courts (European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union) and Polish courts in cases with transnational elements, including drafting of requisite complaint(s) and legal representation

The Legal Office has been involved in the cases concerning:

  • legality of the ban on cod catches in the Baltic Sea
  • conventionality of the limitations imposed on the vested right to pension of the former functionaries of state security authorities of the People’s Republic of Poland
  • advising non-governmental organizations on the investment in Rospuda Valley
  • constitutionality of the office of assessor in the Polish system of legal protection
  • legal representation in the proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in cases dealing with the right to freedom; the right to judicial proceedings in a reasonable time and the right to privacy
  • abduction of the child (on the case see Gazeta Wyborcza 3rd of July 2012, p. 8 text available here.

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