Tomasz Tadeusz Koncewicz


Kiedyś wierzono, że prawo jest ukryte w jakiejś tajemniczej jaskini Alladyna, a na rozkaz sędziego spływa na niego cała mądrość zawarta w magicznych słowach „sezamie otwórz się”. Gdy sędzia pomyli hasło, to otworzy złe drzwi i wyda nieprawidłowe rozstrzygnięcie. Ale my sędziowie nie wierzymy już dzisiaj ani trochę w bajki.

Lord Goff w Woolwich Building Society v IRC

Tomasz Tadeucz Koncewicz

Tomasz Tadeucz Koncewicz

Professor of Law and Director of the Chair of European and Comparative Law of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Gdansk, Advocate

Graduate of law of the Universities of Wroclaw and Edinburgh, the former completed with “very good” (5.0) final score and the latter completed with the “excellent” (A) grade.

Member of the Polish Bar and member of the Commission of Human Rights of the Polish Bar Council.

Member of the European Law Institute.

His PHD theses on the limits of power of courts in the process of European integration was defended with distinction in 2005 at the Faculty of Law, Administration and Economy of the University of Wroclaw and habilitation (2011) dealt with the procedural axiology of the European law.

In 2003 he passed state judicial exam at the Court of Appeal in Wroclaw, in 2005 he completed bar training and was later admitted to the Bar. Since 2010 he runs his own Legal Office specializng in European Law (for details see legal office).

Attended twice full courses of the Academy of European Law organized by EUI in Florence.

2003 – 2007 completed professional training organized by ERA Trier as part of the project “Defense counsel before the International Criminal Court”.

Speaks English (fluent), French, German.


Laureate of Fulbright Senior Research Award
Fulbright Visiting Professor Berkeley Law School 2015-2016

In 2007 j. won a nationwide competition organized by the Centre of European Law in Natolin and European University Institute in Florence for research grant „Procedural Justice in Community Law: Myth or Reality?”. As a Summer Fellow he conducted his research at the EUI in Florence.

In 2012 j. winner of the competition announced by Jean Monnet Center of New York University School of Law: „Polish Constitutional Court and the concept of vigilant constitutionalism”, about awarded research project see → here and → here.

Relevant work experience:

In 2004 served as a referendaire at the Court of First Instance of the European Communities; earlier (1998, 2000, 2002) was a stagiaire at the Court of Justice of the European Communities.

Author of numerous legal opinions on European Law and human rights prepared for the state institutions, courts and private entities. Among legal opinions drafted thus far are:

  • opinion on the admissibility of legal proceedings questioning the legality act of 23 January 2009 amending the Act on Old Age Pensions of Professional Soldiers and Their Families and the Act on Old Age Pensions of Functionaries of the Police, the Internal Security Agency, the Foreign Intelligence Agency, the Military Counter-Intelligence Service, the Military Intelligence Service, the Central Anticorruption Bureau, the Border Guard, the Government Protection Bureau, the State Fire Service and the Penitentiary Service as well as Their Families (so called “ustawa dezubekizacyjna”);
  • opinion on the legality of Augustów by-way in the valley of Rospuda;
  • opinion on procedural and jurisdictional avenues for questioning the amendments to laws on co-operative savings and credit unions;
  • opinion on transnational aspects of liquidation proceedings;
  • opinion on freedom of expression of journalists;

Within the time span of 2000 – 2010 he published around 200 articles (in Polish and English, including case notes and commentaries) and 12 monographs (as Author or Co-author) on European law, human rights, litigation methods before the Union Courts, their methods of reasoning and procedure (for full list of publications go to texts published, published books, texts being elaboreted, lectures.